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Mike Gales began his music career playing in Solar Flares, a NY based jazz act. Still in his teens, Mike would end up moving to VA with his family. The subsequent years would find Mike playing guitar with several bands in the Richmond and DC areas. The similarities to this story and others would end there.

Serious craft work began when Mike Gales studied under Mike Hampton. This would lead to playing in a small club one night and on the road with George Clinton and P-Funk the next. Mike would spend many years on the road with P-Funk and it solidified his working musician ethic.

In late ’08, Mike Gales signed to Blunt Logic Records.

2009 had been busy. ‘Feel the Funk’ was released, followed by studio time at Sound of Music, and June gave us another CD – ‘Live Sushi’. The Messenger is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Zune, Nokia, Amazon and many other download sites.

In 2013 Mike scored the short film ‘The Inevitable’ by Ramona Taylor for Caring Field Films. He also performed with jazz Keyboardist Bernard Wright and Bassist Marcus Miller.

Starting January 2014 Mike embarked on a six week tour of the U.S. in support of the CD ‘Urban Gypsy’.

Beginning August 2015 Mike worked and toured Europe with incredible r&b rapper/vocalist from Paris, Charles X.

In November 2016 Mike began recording a live cd, entitled Raw and Uncut, to be released early 2017.

Mike Gales and the Warriorz, have been offered several dates opening for is cousin, Eric Gales  on his 2018 tour…

See For Yourself

2018, Mike Gales and the Warriorz, opened several shows for The Spinners, on their 2018 Summer tour.



Samples From “The Messenger” or listen at bandcamp

9 Yards                                         Purchase at bandcamp

Tearing Up SpaceTime                Purchase at bandcamp

Take That                                    Purchase at bandcamp

Singularity                                  Purchase at bandcamp

Soaring                                        Purchase at bandcamp

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On the Way                                 Purchase at bandcamp

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Light Ship                                  Purchase at bandcamp

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CanYa Feel It                              Purchase at bandcamp